About Us

How you helped MissDi Kreations become a reality

We are thankful for all our customers and grateful that they know they are receiving a unique handcrafted item created with care.

-Missy & Di

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our MissDi Kreation’s products, knows they are getting a unique product worthy of their vision, knowing that each project is completed with love and care.

Before we created MissDi Kreations, we were first and foremost mothers. Missy came from an Air Force wife background with three children, all special needs and Diane was a caring school bus driver with two daughters.

Missy and Diane became friends through their daughters. Both had interests in crafting and creating. 

But Then…

One day we went to order spirit wear for our children’s high school teams, colorguard, equestrian, football and cheerleading. It was impossible to order small amounts of items. Being in a rural area large quantities were not needed. 

We were concerned that with the small amount of spirit wear needed for the area we would not be able to sustain a business. 

But then we found out the demand was greater than we anticipated. 

It turns out…

The road was more difficult than we imagined.

Selling to the high school teams was great, but not enough to sustain the business.  As our communities grew many more industrial shops moved in. We could not compete with the large market competitors. 

We decide to branch out from doing just local spirit wear when we were approach at an event by a woman who asked us if we would be interested in creating products for Irish Dance. We agreed and have since traveled all over the U.S. attending Irish Dance competitions.

This led us down the path of creating unique products for all different genres. 

Our most challenging…

 Aspect of opening up to different genres was to figure out how to balance family and business. 

We decided to create the most unique products for the most discerning customers in the United States (and hopefully one day the world). 

The Best Part..

Through it all we released our first products and the response has been extremely positive. We are enjoying getting to know all of our customers and traveling around meeting new friends.